Ms. Pernell/Ms. Relliford PreK-3 Class
Instructor: Ms. Pernell   

Ms. Ann/Ms. Relliford

PreK 3

Units of Study for April/May
Things Change-We will learn about how living things change and grow. We will also learn :Jj and Zz, how babies grow and change, life cycle of a butterfly, create and find patterns in the classroom, match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Look At Us Now-The children will take a look back on the school year to recognize and celebrate all they have learned and how much they have grown. They will also: be involved in graphing activities, discuss the quality of good friends, create a class book about
Gingerbread Boy, duplicate two and three dimensional shapes, choose their class favorite book of the year, review the alphabet.

Important Dates:
May 2: Field Trip to Memphis Children's Museum
May 11: Spring Concert
May 19: Field Day
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